• Formulation and implementation of programs and projects for rural sustainable development, agricultural development, renewable energy based rural electrification, rural credit, SME and micro-enterprise support;
  • Studies on climate change policies, renewable energy policies, economic policy tools for the environment;
  • Preparation of project proposals for the CDM, for GEF and development agencies involved in sustainable development
  • Policy analysis and strategic analysis for the Environment sector
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies of investments in the environmental and renewable energy  sectors
  • Business planning for private sector driven sustainable development initiatives
  • Technical Assistance in solar photovoltaics technology transfer;
  • Thematic studies for development agencies on sustainable development issues
  • Technical assistance in sourcing financial resources and in structuring of microfinance

ourobrancofullview OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Brazil: integrated rural development in the Nordeste (MOSAICO project) China: transfer of solar PV factory to Yingli Solar Group (Helios Technology)
pannelli2 cucina
Syria: solar rural electrification in Al-Badia steppe (FAO) Vietnam: rural energy for development (IFAD)