danieleDaniele Guidi

Economics undergraduate (B.A. La Sapienza University, Rome 1989) and Fulbright graduate in Environmental Policy (M.A. at Tufts University, Boston 1993), he holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics & Policy (Siena University, 1997). In 1999, his PhD thesis on a multi-criteria model for sustainable  investments evaluation, was awarded the 1° national ENEA Sustainable Development Prize. After a period of post doctoral research and several collaborations with national, international authorities, NGOs and with the private sector, in 2000 was the founder of Ecosoluzioni, as specialized environment and energy consulting firm. As Environmental Economist, he matured expertise in cost benefit and multi-criteria evaluation, sustainable investments business planning and evaluation, renewable energy technologies and markets, climate change mitigation and adaptation, taking part of many research and consulting projects. As a development consultant and researcher, he has served to institutional donor/lenders (EC, FAO, IFAD, ILO, SIDA, REEEP, EEP, CTI-PFAN, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and to the private foundations and enterprises, mainly focusing on agriculture and rural development, clean technology transfer, finance advisory,  as well as on cross-cutting issues related to renewable energy technologies, micro-enterprise support, investment promotion,  and climate change. He participated to the design and implementation of donor funded programs and projects for rural/energy development in several developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Over the past decade, he has participated to several project proposals evaluation panels for the EC and other Donors (REEEP, UN IFAD) and conducted several ex post evaluations and impact assessments of programs/projects for the EC, REEEP and national authorities. During 2004-2009, he led the LaGuardia Foundation  European office, and supported coordination, strategic advisory, funding, and M&E of social enterprise development initiatives in Brazil, China, India. In 2010, he started collaborating with the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN), coaching clean tech entrepreneurs on business planning and finance strategies. More recently he joined the team managing the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia, the advisory team of RECP Finance Catalyst and a technical assistance window in support of the NAMA Facility.  During  2010-11, he was back in the academia as Fulbright Research Scholar and Sustainability Science Fellow at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, conducting research on policies for smallholder inclusive value chain  business models in sustainable agriculture.

Stephanie Cunningham

Stephanie, holds a M.A. in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University, (Cambridge USA, 1993) and has a background in social policy issues. She was responsible for training trade union leaders in leadership skills for a major Italian trade union, CISL, and assisted in founding their Intergenerational program, the first of it’s kind in Italy. After 8 years of running an Eco-Tourism business in Chianti Tuscany, she co-founded Ecosoluzioni. She is responsible for project management, as well as business development tasks for renewable energies and carbon credits. Stephanie also contributes by studying  group dynamics and engaging creative processes in visioning social-environmental change to the design of training, empowerment and capacity building programs. She is currently researching Ecopsychology, a field which connects psychology to ecology, examining why humans behave the way they do (and damage their own environment) and investigates the re-visioning of this relationship to nature. The basic assumption is that the human relationship to nature is of interdependence rather than dominance and that deep contact with the environmental challenges that we face along with meaningful immersion in and awareness of nature motivates people to act more responsibly, moving towards a more sustainable culture.

Francesco Francisci

Graduate in Natural Sciences (University of  Florence, 1979), during the first part of his career Francesco was engaged as researcher and consultant in a number of wildlife biology/conservation and natural resources management projects, including wolf biology and epidemiology, conservation of relevant habitats, conflicts with agriculture. After a period of research and campaigning for Greenpeace- (International and Italy), which focused onto application of CITES legislation (he was a 1990-93 member of the Italian Authority),  commercially exploited wildlife culling,  industrial use of ancient forest timber,  waste-to-energy,  he set-out as a consultant on sustainable energy, sustainable waste management and related circular economy aspects, initially (2000-6) working intensely for ALERR, the energy agency of the Province of Lucca. He cooperates with Ecosoluzioni since 2007 as consultant on both waste management and sustainable energy, with specific competences in policy and regulatory frameworks analysis, and market analysis. In this respect, he has accumulated experience in the following: permitting procedures for municipal waste facilities (including MBTs, landfills, incinerators) and policies, as well as for wastes/effluents of the tanning and paper industry sectors; market uptake of RES-based (biomass, solar thermal- and solar PV) energy services; market uptake of materials otherwise inserted in waste-streams; procurement and logistics of local-biomass-to-local-fuel; energy efficiency in buildings; involvement of ministerial bodies into normative updates. Competent in EC project design (IEE, Life+, Horizon2020, Erasmus) and management, Francesco has participated two sustainable energy projects under Intelligent Energy for Europe and a project in Cameroon for the integrated development of Jathropha and other RES for village electrification. In Italy he participated to the promotion of several bioenergy, solar, and waste to energy value chains, assisting in feasibility analysis, business planning and foreign investment attraction. In the field of clean technologies, he recently facilitated the industrial testing of a new process for the tissue paper industry with major stakeholders in the Lucca paper industrial district. For the Aga Khan Foundation (AKTC) he has worked on preservation of cultural heritage in Mali (restoration of Djenne’s Grand Mosque). Since 2009 he has participated in project proposals evaluations for EC programmes (Life+, Switch Asia, Energy Facility 2) and other donors(UN IFAD). He has also skills in environmental training and education and achieved preliminary instruction as Waldorf teacher.

Claudio CortelleseFoto Claudio C

Economics graduate (M.A. LaSapienza University, Rome 1981), post-graduate studies in Macroeconomics (ECLAC, Santiago 1987), he has worked in private, governmental, multilateral institutions active on the economic development of Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. SME development, with emphasis on private sector involvement, local economic development and SMEs access to financial and non-financial services, consolidated as his principal areas of expertise. He has experience in identifying, preparing, and supervising programs for private sector development, with financial and non-financial assistance for enterprise modernization. He has also experience in structuring partnerships with private foundations and large corporations to co-finance and support implementation of innovative programs for SME modernization and social inclusion. His activity in knowledge creation and policy support, is continuous: project-related assistance to local governmental agencies in policy design for SME competitiveness; creation of a knowledge network on clusters and local economic development with private sector entities, governmental agencies and academic institutions. At the beginning of his career, Claudio collaborated with the IAI (International Affairs Institute) in Rome; a labor-focused programme of the Italian Radio-TV network; IPALMO, a Rome-based research center on relations with Africa, Latina America and Middle East;  and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Santiago. In the years 1990-92 he served as deputy director to the Institute for European-Latin American Relations (IRELA, Madrid), supervising 10 professional staff. In the years 1992-2015 he served to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington D.C., as senior consultant to the Operations Dept.; operations officer to the Private Sector Dept.;  investment officer / senior operations officer, to the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF); unit chief to the MIF.  At MIF, he supervised a unit of up to 25 professionals and prepared and approved annually technical assistance projects for up to a total of USD mln 34 leveraging over USD mln. 60 in co-financing. An international consultant since 2016, he is currently involved in development cooperation initiatives such as the design of a development strategy for the State of Amapa (Brasil); a project on youth labor market inclusion; and advising on climate change related investments.


Michele Faberi, senior consultant with experience in sustainable energy, health, evaluation and related policies; Mauro Gaggiotti, engineer with expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy systems and market promotion; Annibale Osti,  senior expert in finance, with significant experience in debt origination and private equity for the SMEs, for investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and for social investments; Luiz Prado de Oliveira, senior development, finance and policy expert with over 25 years of water sector, renewable energy and rural development experience.

Partner Companies
Ecosoluzioni often works in consortia and company networks, some of our strategic partnerships include:
Agriconsulting Europe SA, Belgium  www.agriconsultingeurope.be  – Agroils Technologies SpA, Italy  www.agroils.com – Euronet Consulting EEIG, Brussels  www.euronetconsulting.com – Marge, France  www.marge.eu MegaCell Srl, Italy –  www.megacell.it  –  PPL International – www.ppl-int.com   Silfab SpA, Italy & Canada  www.silfab.eu  – SolarFields Srl., Roma  www.solarfields.it